John Kerry: ‘There Is a New Isolationism’

The US is acting like a “poor country,” with Americans not realizing that everything good about their lives is based on the mass-murdering global empire (or is it the imperial solar system?) and its corporate state. The billionaire Skull & Bonesman Kerry first came to public attention when he ran a “swift boat” in the US war on Vietnam. He delivered and picked up the CIA’s Operation Phoenix death squads, which targeted civilian leaders who. for some strange reason, did not want the USG occupying their country, and killing 6-8 million people. More and more, however, thanks to Ron Paul and other libertarians, Americans are waking up to the horrendous costs of world domination. The government’s Mt. Everest of corpses is quite high enough. (Thanks to Steve Bartin)


10:37 am on February 27, 2014