John Brown, Racism, Slavery, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King

Malcolm X, during his most (anti-white) racist days, was asked, “Would any white man qualify to be a member of your group.” He said “Yes, John Brown.” (paraphrase).

I’m a big fan of Malcolm X’s. I once heard him lecture at Brooklyn College. He was absolutely riveting. I never heard a more compelling public speaker than him. He was instrumental in the “black is beautiful” movement at its very beginnnig. Famously, he urged his followers to “throw away those hair staighteners,” and stop trying to look white. He supported free enterprise. He started up all sorts of commercial Shabazz businesses: restaurants, laundries, bakeries, etc. He preached individual initiative. I only wish he had lived long enough to realize that he had strong libertarian tendencies, and explicitly embrace our philosophy.

In my view, he stands in sharp and positive contrast to that even more famous black socialist plagiarist: Martin Luther King, Jr. I refuse to place “Dr.” in front of his name, since it is clear that his Ph.D. dissertation was plagiarized. He preached welfarism, unionism, socialism.


4:24 pm on December 3, 2017