Jewish Extermination Quotes Made by Nazis

In response to this blog, which answered a question addressed to Walter Block, an e-mail arrived with this statement: “There was no program or even contemplation of extermination [of Jews].” One other person sent in such a denial.

A second e-mail from the same person suggested viewing a certain video by David Cole. I didn’t, since I do not watch videos as a rule. I did search on “David Cole Auschwitz” (without quotes).

This turned up a source of 100 extermination quotes.

The only question is how anyone can deny the Nazi aim and practice of killing Jews by all sorts of means when there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. We have to recognize that human beings lacking in proper training of their faculties may believe in almost anything. We are highly susceptible to false narratives.

Adolf Eichmann’s testimony about the Wannsee Conference is instructive, for example. The official minutes of the conference used guarded but still revealing language:

“Under proper guidance, in the course of the final solution the Jews are to be allocated for appropriate labor in the East. Able-bodied Jews, separated according to sex, will be taken in large work columns to these areas for work on roads, in the course of which action doubtless a large portion will be eliminated by natural causes.

“The possible final remnant will, since it will undoubtedly consist of the most resistant portion, have to be treated accordingly, because it is the product of natural selection and would, if released, act as a the seed of a new Jewish revival (see the experience of history.)”

“…eliminated by natural causes” means worked to death. “Treated accordingly” is the euphemism used for killing.

Eichmann, present at Wannsee, testified to unofficial conversation as follows:

“Presiding Judge: … Now in connection with the Wannsee conference, you answered my colleague Dr. Raveh that this part of the meeting, which is not mentioned in the protocol, the discussion was about means of extermination. Systems of killing.

“A: Yes.

Q: Who discussed this subject?

A: I do not remember it in detail, Your Honor. I do not remember the circumstances of this conversation. But I do know that these gentlemen were standing together, or sitting together, and were discussing the subject quite bluntly, quite differently from the language which I had to use later in the record. During the conversation they minced no words about it at all…

“Q: Not details in general, what did he say about this theme?

“A: I cannot remember it in detail, Your Honor, but they spoke about methods for killing, about liquidation, about extermination…”


4:11 pm on March 12, 2019