Jared Kushner Back Channel

Trump had been elected. Jared Kushner was about as close to him as one can get. Assume he looked into a back channel of communication to Russian officials. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this or illegal about it. It’s been done before. It will be done again. Such channels are probably going on right now and not only with the U.S. government.

There is a substrate of intense bias and hatred among many anti-Trump commentators. They seize on an innocent event like this. Building on the foundation of their anti-Trump emotions, they construct a highly critical fake news edifice. There is no objectivity in this process of marrying a deep hostility with an appearance of supplying a news story in some sort of way, either factual or editorial. The people in the media doing this are really very far gone, caught up in their own fantasy world and communicating their wild ideas to many millions of others. For an example, see this brief MSNBC video of commentator Malcolm Nance. Nance is a terror expert who speaks Arabic, but he seems to be carried away here while branching off into the area of spying, “Russia” and the Russians.


7:57 am on May 28, 2017