James Howard Kunstler Goes Primal

Author and social critic James Howard Kunstler published a blog today, “Juked By Medicine.”

This personal misadventure started about four and half years ago when my doctor read me the riot act on my cholesterol numbers. The total was around 290. I forget exactly what the LDL (“bad” cholesterol) was, but it wasn’t good, and ditto the HDL (“good” cholesterol) and the triglycerides (oy vay). The upshot was that my doctor put me on a whopping dose of the most powerful statin drug, Crestor 40mg (made by AstraZenica). I left his office feeling like my identity was transformed from a healthy normal person to a prisoner on death row.

…After receiving my “death sentence” from the doc, I went straight to the cardio diet bookshelf and found works by two of the chief authorities on the subject: Dr. Dean Ornish, the popular TV celebrity, and Dr. Caldwell Essylsten, a less public but also renowned nutrition guru from the Cleveland Clinic. Both of them promoted ultra low-fat essentially vegan diets.

James, who regularly worked out, clung to the nutritional advice of Ornish and Essylsten, and he began to suffer from a lack of stamina, muscle pains, cramps, memory issues and brain fog, and neuropathy in his hands and feet, as the statins pushed his total cholesterol to a lifeless 110. Even when he quit the statins, the vegan, low-fat diet left him, as he says, “feeling shitty.” He also writes about his doctor’s insistence that James keep lowering his cholesterol to avoid the death zone. James then discovered Gary Taubes and the lies of the conventional medicine racket, and accordingly, he began to understand that cholesterol is a vital component to great health and cell renewal. So James turned to eggs, meat, and cheese, as well as a variety of vegetables. He notes this at the end of his blog:

But I wonder if doctors are losing their legitimacy now in a way similar to the other authority figures in our culture: the political leaders, the bankers economists, the business executives. To get back to where I started this blog, all is swindle these days. And medicine, being the life-and-death racket that it is, may be the biggest swindle of them all.


8:11 pm on March 20, 2012