Jack Hunter Didn’t Get the Mises Memo

Ludwig von Mises’s motto was, “Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.” [TRANSLATION: “Do not give in to evil but proceed ever more boldly against it.”]

I like Jack Hunter. I think he is a terrific writer. Though he is probably more of a conservative than a classical liberal (I’m using Walter Block’s yardstick here), I find that I agree with him on so many political and economic issues that I can say that I am glad to have Jack on my side of the political fence rather than on the other side. I also understand his concern that people such as myself who talk about the New World Order/One World Government conspiracy might be hurting or embarrassing our cause.

But to hide what one believes to be the truth rather than expressing it is being dishonest with one’s self. If every one of us in the classical liberal/Austrian school of economics sphere had to worry that some of our views might hurt or embarrass our cause, then we wouldn’t express our “racist” views on anti-discrimination laws (plus our “racist” views on the dictator Abraham Lincoln and his murderous assault on the southern states), our “cranky” views on the gold standard, our “greedy, capitalist pig” views on the free market, our “heartless” views on government welfare programs, our “irresponsible” views on re-legalizing ALL recreational drugs, our “immoral” views that prostitution should be legal…I could go on and on.

So I ask Jack Hunter and all the rest of the conservatives/classical liberals out there who believe that the mess we are in today is just the result of an avalanche of government “coincidental” missteps over the past hundred years: Why single out the “lunatic fringe” issue of the NWO/OWG conspiracy—something that many conservatives and classical liberals know to be true—as an issue to be silent about?

[Thanks to Travis Holte]


10:47 am on June 27, 2012