Ivermectin and the Promotion of Pharmaceutical Mass Murder

This broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight from 9/20/21 was highly illuminating and informative.  Please pay particular notice and full attention to this segment. It focuses upon how large pharmaceutical chains such as CVS and Walgreens (which are in business to distribute life-saving drugs to their customers) are engaged in callous and mercenary interposing in the sacred doctor/patient relationship which is the bedrock of American medicine. This centuries old relationship is based on shared trust and integrity between physicians and their patients and its destruction bodes one of the most disturbing and detrimental consequences. By their active intervention in this relationship, these pharmaceutical chains (and their individual complicit and compliant pharmacists) are guilty of deliberate and systematic murder. Ivermectin has proven to be one of the safest, most efficacious, and effective treatments for COVID-19 worldwide, and by interfering in its legal prescribing and distribution by legal, licensed physicians to their patients is abhorrent and unconscionable.


5:22 am on September 21, 2021