I’ve Just Become A Neo-Conservative; Well, At Least Partially

One of the foundational concepts of neo-conservativism is American Exceptionalism. Well, I’m an American Exceptionalist, so I’m well on my way to being a neo-conservative. Let me list the ways in which the U.S. is an exceptional country.

.It is the only one to have used atom bombs on a population center. Twice, as it happens.
.It is the only one to have, oh, some 800 military bases in about 130 foreign countries.
.It is the most hypocritical country, in that it popularly thinks the point above constitutes “defense”
.Most people in this nation cannot distinguish “offense” from “defense.” You’ve got to admit it; that’s pretty rare
.It’s military budget is bigger than that of such spending by, oh, the next ten largest nations in this regard
.In 1995, it was the 4th freest country, economically. It has sunk to almost 20th. No other nation can match that.
.It congratulates itself that it is the “home of the free and the brave.” Yet it picks on weak, tiny countries to overrun.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone.

Hey, waitasec. Now that I’m a Neo-Con, well, sort of, can someone please tell me to whom I should apply for generous financial support for my career?


11:54 am on July 4, 2017