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    One of the TSA’s anti-constitutional and therefore vaunted “bomb-sniffing [sic for ‘people-sniffing] dogs” attacked a passenger in Atlanta without any provocation whatever, biting Sue Dubitsky’s abdomen and leaving a nasty wound.

    Ah, but the victim realizes the good serfs out there will tell her a bite is no big deal, merely the price we pay for freedom. And so Ms. Dubitsky appeals to that all-purpose shibboleth, the children: “Dubitsky said she wanted to speak out to keep this from happening to someone else. ‘Can you imagine that [dog’s mouth] around a child’s neck?’ she said. ‘And that, the height of my waistline, could easily be a child.’”

    These dogs have long had their fangs in the Fourth Amendment, too, but so far as I can see, that distresses only a few wackos here and there.


    5:26 am on May 12, 2013
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