It’s Not Contagion But Constraints We Shun

The twaddle below comes from the aviation industry, but it could pertain to such others as hospitality, retail, recreational, etc:

Some airlines in the US have been pushing for the government to institute temperature checks as part of the passenger screening process, but regulators have not shown a huge interest in adopting the procedure.

As a result, some airlines are conducting their own tests to demonstrate how effective temperature checks are in allaying passenger concerns about flying. 

The lack of movement to create widespread temperature checks across the US aviation system reflects the challenges that US airlines face in working to convince the public that it is safe to travel by air. …

Apparently it never occurs to these geniuses that they have made flying—or dining in a restaurant or staying in a hotel or bowling or going to a movie—so miserable with their requirements for masks and their pestering about anti-social distancing that it’s easier and more fun to stay home. 

Customers aren’t afraid of getting sick: they despise being bossed. 


4:54 pm on August 27, 2020