Is There a Cure for Being a “Public Health Professional”?

There’s an old saying among economists that “if you torture the data long enough, it’ll confess.”  There is a lot of truth in this, especially among so-called “public health professionals” — government-funded “researchers” who routinely commit the worst abuses in the field of statistics that any first-year economics grad student would flunk out for.  These are the people who claim to find “correlations” between just about all aspects of capitalist society, from coffee to soft drinks to cell phones, and cancer.  (See the Web site for dozens of scholarly articles that debunk much of this propaganda). That correlation is not causation is the first lesson of statistics, but the “public health professionals” largely ignore it because their job is to scare the wits out of the public to justify more and more tax revenue for the government so that it can “save us” from all of these bogus threats to health.

The latest public health scam is to assert that gun ownership is a disease.  If so, then the focus of pubic policy should not be on criminals with guns but on disarming all of us “mentally ill” gun owners who will eventually be defined as mentally ill, by definition, by virtue of owning firearms.

This would suggest, however, that government bureaucrats like “public health professionals” are the most mentally ill of all, since the government owns many more magnitudes of guns that private citizens do.  The federal government alone recently purchased a billion rounds of ammunition, then got caught lying about it.  If gun ownership is in fact a disease, the worse sufferers of all would be people like the “public health professionals” who should all be quarantined at once.


9:55 am on January 25, 2013