Is The American Church a POW of Marxism?

No, because that implies she is an unwilling captive. 

Meanwhile, Scott in Florida agrees with my point in Someone’s AWOL that 

The church has been missing in action.

Here are my thoughts why:

  1. Poor understanding of Romans 13 in light of the whole Bible.
  2. Few really assured of eternal life, thus live in fear.
  3. Allowing the State to redefine “Love Thy Neighbor” to mean, “If you love your neighbor you’ll cancel church.”
  4. People are truly Marxist, but don’t use that term.  They say, “We’re in this TOGETHER.” (I.e. The Greater Good, which is Marxism).  

And that Marxism permeates their lives: Social Security, Obummercare, “public schools” that force all of us to finance them regardless of whether our children attend, highways and roads operating on the same scheme, etc., ad nauseam. Americans are reflexively Marxist; they shrug at the injustice of divorcing payment from use and deem “redistribution” the way it’s always been, is now, and ever shall be, world without end, amen.

But I interrupted Scott:

  1. Addiction to TV news, with absolutely no discernment how TV news propagandizes.
  2. Fear of man: “I wear my mask out of respect for others.”  They don’t want to be accused of being “disrespectful” or “uncaring”.

How sad that Christians don’t fear the Lord nearly as much as they do the heathen corrupting them.


12:32 pm on January 13, 2021