Indiscriminate Killing

According to Harvard, Navy to sign agreement on ROTC return,

Harvard University, following a change in U.S. military policy toward gays, is welcoming the Reserve Officer Training Corps program back to campus 41 years after banishing it amid dissent over the Vietnam War.

The about-face by Harvard comes just months after a decision by Congress to repeal the military ban on gays serving openly, a policy that had led the university to vote to keep the ROTC away.

Further proof that the left is no more anti-war than the right. Their problem with the US military is not that it is a killing machine, but that it has been too anti-gay in its hiring practices. As a friend of mine wryly observed, “Isn’t it great that we live in a country where both straight and gay can bomb the browns?”


7:11 am on March 6, 2011