An Incredibly Obvious Comparison

Eva Mozes Kor is “a twin who survived medical experiments at the Auschwitz death camp performed by the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele…” She’s now 84 years old, resides in Indiana, and flies around the world lecturing on her experience. (I had not previously heard of Ms. Kor, nor am I familiar with her work. So perhaps I am unfair when I say that folks like her always shock and disappoint because they attribute the causes of World War II’s atrocities to everything and anything—retribution the conquerors of WWI meted out to Germany; anti-Semitism; Hitler’s mesmerizing the German people—except the actual one: political government and its limitless power.)

At any rate, Ms. Kor Tweeted on Sunday about more humiliation and suffering, this time at the hands of the TSA:

Another very demeaning body search by the TSA-there has to be some way that at age 84 I can get some clearance by the POWERS of Government from this procedure. As I lecture about surviving Auschwitz I barely survive the TSA body search. I detest it. That ruined my experience

Magnificent! And a fine start to calling for abolition of the TSA, especially since Ms. Kor  is hardly the only Jewish grandmother, let alone elderly woman, the Thieves and Sexual Assailants have assaulted.

But unfortunately, the lady settled for the agency’s usual, minuscule sop:

On Monday, Kor tweeted her appreciation for messages of support following the body search and said the TSA had been in contact. “Thank you everybody for caring about me and my stress left from Mengele’s experiments,” she wrote. “I have been contacted by TSA to help me, and they are working with me to solve this problem.”

Shocking and disappointing, as I mentioned. And I’m sure Marshall Hester, who alerted me to this story, would agree.


12:57 pm on March 6, 2018