Inadvertently Admitting There Is No Pandemic

Earlier this year, before Bill Gates and Co. unleashed the shamdemic, New York City’s rulers had decreed that their serfs could no longer benefit from “free” plastic shopping bags. They forbid entrepreneurs to dispense plastic ones at all; paper bags were still available at 5 cents apiece. This expense would supposedly encourage customers to rely on reusable totes. (At the time, I strongly doubted this ploy would succeed, as highly as New Yorkers prize convenience. But their wholesale surrender to masks has me rethinking that assumption.)

Then along came the plandemic, with rulers forced to confess that reusable sacks transmit disease—specifically the dreaded COVID. The ban went on ice.

It’s now back, taking effect on Oct. 19—a tacit admission that bubonic–sorry, COVID has run its course (presuming it had one to run). Will the parasites also rescind their “mandates” on masks, anti-social distancing, restaurants at 25% capacity, and the myriad other lunacies with which they’ve ruined New York City?

Ha! Is the Pope Lutheran?


11:51 am on October 17, 2020