Impairing yourself to “protect” others.

People are informing me that Planet Fitness, in states where they are open, are requiring the use of masks *while* working out. “For the safety of everyone” – but to hell with your own safety?

I can imagine me … doing my intermittent sprints on a treadmill at 15 – 20% incline, with my heart rate peaking at near 100% of maximum heart rate, wearing a mask. Or doing my multiple sets of squats, deadlits, and tire-flipping while wearing a fucking mask to block/minimize my oxygen supply. I’m in great shape, and that would screw me up to the point of critical consequences.

I see out-of-shape folks at the gyms, all the time, huffing and puffing at the most minor exertion, leaning on the elliptical or treadmill, sweating beads to the point of creating a river, and that’s without a mask. These people will suffer dire consequences if they comply. Lawsuits up the wazoo.

And still, some pretty smart people (libertarians) I know are supporting the use of wearing masks based on “science” and “personal accountability.” When will these people still clinging to The Narrative realize this is PSYOP? What will it take?


10:05 am on July 29, 2020