Immigration Insanity

Kinda hard to find words other than “tyrant” and “dictator” for a politician who announces as Obummer did, “…to those Members of Congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better, or question the wisdom of me acting where Congress has failed, I have one answer: Pass a bill.” In other words, “Do as I decree, Congresscriminals, or I’ll usurp your legislative role.”

Then again, those sorry wimps in Congress deserve all the contempt Obummer can dish out. Here’s hoping they return every bit of it, given how egregiously that two-bit thug in the White House has earned it.

Tragically, however, Obummer’s power-grab victimizes millions of real people, not just 535 Congressional comrades—people with hopes and ambitions, families, skills and talents, jobs, futures, and the courage to leave everything familiar for the dream of a better life. (Ha! Talk about barking up the wrong tree! Have these poor immigrants studied none of the surveys that document the USSA’s plunge into totalitarianism?) Which makes it doubly sad that “immigration advocates rallied behind Mr. Obama’s actions, describing them as a much-delayed victory for millions of people.” What a shame these “advocates” are so foolish when it comes to despotism: either they’re too stupid to realize or too cynical to care that what a tyrant grants he can also revoke.

Traveling, settling, and living where and when we please (subject, of course, to the rights of those who own any property we may affect by such actions) are among those “inalienable rights” with which the Creator endows us. Perhaps that’s one reason the Constitution never gives the federal government any authority whatsoever to control our movements into or out of the country: the most those bozos in DC can do is “establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization,i.e., set the parameters of citizenship, such as how many years of residency are required or what sort of oath to administer. But the Constitution wisely leaves determining who will or will not cross an imaginary line on the ground to each individual; it never entrusts so momentous a decision to a bunch of pin-headed bureaucrats. Nor may those goons chase, harass, shoot, and kill those who dare assert their God-given rights. Predictably, that deficit of power spurred the Supreme Dorks in the 1870s to invent an “interest” for the feds in immigration. No wonder Leviathan has triumphed almost completely over our liberty of movement since then.

Meanwhile, the Blasphemer-in-Chief “cited scripture’s call ‘that we shall not oppress a stranger, for we know the heart of a stranger.’ Some might say that charging usually impecunious immigrants $680 for the privilege of paying taxes to Our Rulers—which, I’m sure only coincidentally, yields a tidy $2.7 billion to Obummer’s treasury if all 4 million of his victims pony up— very much qualifies as “oppression.” And fiendishly establishing bureaucratic hurdle after bureaucratic hurdle for them to jump while they struggle to learn a new language and hunt jobs descends from mere “oppression” to downright “persecution.”

Welcome to Amerika, newcomers. If you want to head back home, we certainly understand. Can we go, too?


10:44 am on November 21, 2014