I’m Jazzed; How ‘Bout You?

Comrade Obummer finally kept a promise–not that there was any doubt he would on this one: the NSA is appointing its first “privacy officer” (yes, the spooks got to choose their own alleged overseer).

You can measure Our Rulers’ contempt for us in this utter sham. Establishing a “privacy office” at an agency that records every email and phone-call from virtually everyone worldwide while infiltrating apps like Angry Birds is supposed to soothe our ruffled feathers over this grotesque surveillance. And how they must laugh at their little joke! The only “privacy” said “officer” will protect is the NSA’s from us. Look for the agency to continue and expand its vaunted “capabilities,” albeit with new code-names (“No, Sen. Paul, we are not spying on phone calls made every Tuesday from area codes whose digits add up to a prime number with PrimeNumberVacuum.” Especially since they retitled the program TuesdayBuffet), a shuffling of personnel, and far greater secrecy than before.

Meanwhile, the greedball eager to perform in this charade at $173,000 per annum is one Rebecca Richards. To be fair, the thuggette does boast an impressive resume for the position: she is “a former deputy privacy official at the Department of Homeland Security.” You know, the uber-bureaucracy for  the Peeping Toms and pedophiles that comprise the TSA, who rifle your underwear and scrutinize your papers while extorting reams of very personal information from anyone hoping to bypass these indignities. If a “deputy privacy official” from the DHS doesn’t know how to protect her fellow busybodies as they root through every detail of our lives, who does?


12:06 pm on January 29, 2014