• ‘If We Cannot Track You With Our Microchips, You Cannot Leave’ — or, Why Ron Paul Is Right Again About ‘Border Control’

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    When Ron Paul said in a debate last September that the border fences may well be built to keep Americans in rather than keep illegals out, the usual brain-dead, mainstream media-addicted sheep “laughed out loud” at this, the “apex of Paul’s paranoid band of libertarianism.”

    Fast forward to this incredible story today of a family who had their trip to Belize ruined because the father’s passport had a slight crease on the back cover after it had inadvertently been sat on. The family had no problems in their native Denver, but as soon as they got to Dallas an airline official (read: government agent) decided that the passport was “mutilated” and ruined their trip for them.

    What is most remarkable about the story is the interview with Ray Priest, owner of International Passport Visas in Denver, who speculated that the rejection may stem from possible damage to the microchip embedded in every American’s passport.

    Spoke Mr. Priest (who seems suspiciously unbothered — a good little totalitarian? — by the whole thing):

    “To have a passport is privilege, it’s not entitled to you by citizenship…. They have no reason in the world to let you travel if it’s been damaged…. It’s like cutting your photo out or something if that chip doesn’t work…. This is done for national security…they can’t make an exception, period.” (emphasis added)


    5:22 pm on February 22, 2012