If the State can define “essential,” it can define anything.

Communism usually doesn’t hide its tentacles. It likes to show them off at all times.

The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has taken to not allowing restaurant patrons to freely order alcohol, that is, unless they order a “meal.” Then, and only then, can they order alcohol, according to the Health Politburo, but still within strict guidelines. Now the guidelines have been further enforced to define what constitutes a “meal.” Here’s a quote I took directly from the state’s website.

In evaluating this, the Department generally looks at the various menu offerings, availability during typical meal hours, and whether the food offered is served in a reasonable quantity and what a reasonable person might consider to be a meal consumed at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. For example, although multiple courses are not required to constitute a meal, in order for the patron to be served a meal there should be a sufficient quantity that it would constitute a main course in a multiple-course dining experience.

“Reasonable quantity”? In a country where restaurants serve gargantuan helpings; persons continually overeat; and thus we have a 50% obesity rate, someone is going to define my subjectively determined “quantity” for what constitutes a meal? I typically only eat small plates, appetizers, and/or meat-veggie combos from the appetizer menus. I almost never an entree because it is too much food. Once again, government is anti-health by spawning politicized incentives to overeat and destroy one’s health in order to comply with a labyrinth of mandates meant to punish dining and bar patrons who enjoy alcohol. The government is therefore defining “reasonable” and “substantial,” both of which are entirely subjective to unique individuals.

Because that glass of wine on its own, with no or ‘too little’ food, can spread Covid?


11:21 am on July 27, 2020