The Idiocy of “Multiculturalism” On Display in Europe

One of the tenets of “multiculturalism,” as defined by the cultural Marxists in academe, is that all cultures are created equal.  That’s why some academics blew a cranial gasket when Thomas Sowell published his book, Migrations and Cultures, and argued that immigration often leads to the adoption of superior cultures and the abandonment of inferior ones.  For example, when Europeans came to America and hunted on horseback, Sowell writes, Native Americans abandoned their inferior culture of hunting on foot.  The very long book is filled with hundreds of other examples.

Which brings us to the Middle East/North Africa Muslim “culture” of gangs of men surrounding lone women and molesting, raping, and robbing them.  This “culture” is on display today in every European country whose government has decided to wage war on traditional Christian European civilization by importing millions of these men whose own culture is to treat women like dirt and to spit in the faces of the people who have invited them into their countries.  This “culture” is obviously not the equal of the culture of a civilized society.  It is not permitted to point this out in “mainstream” academic circles, however, for that would be to question one of the bedrock tenets of cultural Marxism.  The “mainstream media” has struggled mightily to hide these facts from the public, but that is of course an impossibility in the age of cell phones and the internet.


9:38 am on January 9, 2016