I Won’t Be Surprised . . .

. . . if the Republicans gain seats in both the House and the Senate tomorrow.  I did several radio interviews the day before and on election day in 2016 and said I thought Trump was going to win based on: 1) seeing 10,000 people or more show up to Trump rallies for months on end, while Hillary was speaking to “crowds” of 200 or so; and 2) knowledge that all those “network polls” were not polls taken by “news” organizations but by the Clinton campaign itself, since the LMS (Lying Media Scum) have long been nothing more than the Pravda-esque propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.  This should be obvious to everyone by now (how quaint that people used to actually argue that “liberal bias” in the media is a myth!).

Trump is pulling the same sized crowds across the country today in support of Republican candidates.  The Democrats are experts at vote tampering and election rigging, but even with that, as I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Party of Trump pulls it off.  If that should happen, then expect civil war type violence and the setting of cities on fire from the American Left.


12:19 pm on November 5, 2018