I Say, Vaccine Passports Are Rubbish

Look out, courageous Canadian pastors: you have some competition from across the pond as British clergy remonstrate with their rulers against “passports” for the “vaccine.”

Two such divines are soliciting signatures from their colleagues across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland for a letter they will send the prime minister. After assuring Comrade Boris Johnson that they are praying for his government (as I do as well, though perhaps a tad more acridly), they inveigh against the Passports-That-Aren’t for the Vaccine-That-Isn’t (only fitting, as both address a fake crisis). Being English, they do so with the utmost courtesy, but all the same, as Amanda put it when alerting me to this story, “Their righteous indication at church leadership and policy is music to my ears!”

First, their letter attacks the nonsense of pretending that the unvaxxed somehow threaten the vaxxed if the shots work. Second, they condemn the “medical apartheid” that will result from these permits.

But then comes my favorite of their three points, one we beseech their fellow Christians worldwide to espouse:

…as Christian leaders we wish to state that we envisage no circumstances in which we could close our doors to those who do not have a vaccine passport, negative test certificate, or any other “proof of health”. For the Church of Jesus Christ to shut out those deemed by the state to be social undesirables would be anathema to us and a denial of the truth of the Gospel. The message we preach is given by God for all people and consists in nothing other than the free gift of grace offered in Christ Jesus, with the universal call to repentance and faith in him. To deny people entry to hear this life-giving message and to receive this life-giving ministry would be a fundamental betrayal of Christ and the Gospel. Sincere Christian churches and organisations could not do this, and as Christian leaders we would be compelled to resist any such Act of Parliament vigorously.

Oh, glorious! Praise the Lord for these men of principle and faith!

This interview with our two heroes explores their shining witness:

Please God, He’ll raise up many more shepherds like these to defend His flock from voracious Marxist wolves.


6:36 am on April 22, 2021

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