• I must retire!

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    Having read Peter Brimelow’s article re Tom Woods’ latest book, and the Mises Institute, it looks as if I have no option but to stop writing for LRC. After all, we are told, Tom and the Mises group are said to be “out of fashion,” which is equivalent to being “out of step.” Furthermore, Brimelow informs us, “nobody wants to hear this [Austrian] argument, least of all Wall Street.” Well, what kind of response can be made to such a powerful argument? If “nobody wants to hear” a point of view, and offering it renders you “out of fashion,” you ought to cease offering such views, at least until the next public opinion poll shows your views to be more “fashionable,” particularly to “Wall Street.”

    Do you see how badly our epistemological standards have fallen? If you don’t believe me, just wait until the next CNN poll results are announced!


    1:43 pm on February 23, 2009