I Haven’t Had This Much Fun

I don’t know when watching the outcome of elections has been as entertaining as they have become since 2016. Donald Trump’s victory and efforts to get even more Republicans into the House and Senate have driven the hard-core establishment types – particularly those members of the Democratic Party bird of prey – into the ever-escalating expressions of madness that have finally provided good entertainment for television. It’s enough to recall H.L. Mencken, Murray Rothbard, and George Carlin from the after-life for more of the level of commentary that helped keep the rest of us sane.

I am not a Trump supporter; his policies only occasionally bump up against my libertarian principles. But I am finding so much delight in watching him convert the Democrats into a collective of zombies that I can only hope for more to follow.  I will remain at home on next week’s election day – continuing my string of 54 straight years of not voting – while, at the same time, hoping that every Republican and other voters with a sense of humor will hot-foot it to the polls to vote for ever greater numbers of GOPers to get elected to the House and Senate to keep this wonderful bit of entertainment going!  What lunacy awaits us from the CNN, MSNBC, and other statist “news” outlets should the Zombie Party slide deeper into the memory-hole of irrelevance?

As we used to say in my Midwestern upbringing, “I haven’t had this much fun since the pigs ate my sister!”


4:16 pm on November 1, 2018