• I Hate To Upset Civics Teachers

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    But sometimes the official line of the US government and its media is erroneous. Here is Justin Raimondo’s classic article on Tiananmen Square. The demonstrators were not freedom fighters, but hardline Communists protesting Deng Xiaoping’s capitalist reforms. The demonstrators feared, and rightly so, that their promised jobs in the State’s central planning apparatus were going up in smoke.

    Should even Maoists of the sort that had imprisoned and tortured Deng, and murdered so many millions, have had their demo broken up by military force? Of course not. But thank goodness Deng won out economically. As a result, the standard of living of the Chinese people – and all who trade with them – has been vastly improved.

    UPDATE from Tom Woods: “Naturally, libertarians who specialize in defending the Official Version of Events™ and demonizing or misrepresenting those who dissent, will have their usual fit over the Raimondo piece. Don’t forget Jude Wanniski, too.”


    12:46 pm on August 20, 2008