I Feel Safer Already

New York’s thuggish tyrants are strutting about with arms broken from patting themselves on the back: yesterday, they “became the first state to pass a gun control law — the toughest in the nation — since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting massacre last month.”

Naturally, despite the Second Amendment’s refusal to infringe the right of the people to keep and bear arms if a pointy-headed, cowardly busybody someplace says to, “New York’s law also aims to keep guns out of the hands of those will [sic] mental illness.” Hmmm. Wanna bet that “aim” excludes politicians, the most deranged of us all?

“The law gives judges the power to require those who pose a threat to themselves or others get outpatient care.” I know a guy who’s massacred people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria while continuing to station killers in scores of other countries. Heck, he’s slaughtered at least two American citizens, too. He’s most definitely a threat to others, and I look forward to his disarming, pronto.


1:02 pm on January 16, 2013