I Don’t Pity These Vets

For any reason. According to a Washington Post poll, nearly 9 in 10 veterans of Iraq or Afghanistan “say that even considering all they know about the military, they’d still choose to join if they could make the decision again.” Even more disturbing is the report that “that view wavers little among those who paid a bigger price for their service: 92 percent among those who were seriously injured, 88 percent whose physical health is worse, 79 percent who say the wars are not worth fighting, and even 90 percent who did things in war that made them feel ‘guilty.'” Fully 87 percent “feel proud about what they did in the war.” The poll also found that a majority of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan had a favorably view of George W. Bush.

Do it again? Proud of their ‘service”? Like Bush? These veterans deserve nothing but scorn.


11:03 am on April 9, 2014