Hypocritical Leftist Law Professors

Will someone please stop the insanity in Washington?  Now we see three Leftist “constitutional law” professors who, since they are Leftists, by definition ignore all constitutional constraints on government while at the same time pretending to be constitutional purists.  They make Judge Napolitano look like a communist by comparison.  Madison and Hamilton would demand that Trump be impeached they say, posing as saviors of the Constitution and as True Believers in the Jeffersonian dictum that government must be “bound by the chains of the Constitution.”

I would ask them a few basic questions like:  Do you think Article 1, Section 8 should be enforced?  Is “Medicare for All” one of the constitutional functions of government listed in Article 1, Section 8?  How about Medicare for Some?  Anyone?  How about 99% of all the other crap the government spends our money on?  Should Congress grant its approval before any president goes to war, as required by the Constitution?   If so, should ALL the American troops abroad be returned home?


1:31 pm on December 4, 2019