How World War II Screwed Up America

“World War II was a transformational event. It offered the United States general government the opportunity to codify the aggressive Lincolnian nationalism prevalent but not triumphant since 1865. The entire United States was affected politically, militarily, diplomatically, and socially.”

I think that historian Brion McClanahan has offered some extremely valuable and prescient commentary on World War II. You may think what he has to say is heresy but that essentially proves his point. Now is this the only historical prism of analysis in evaluating WWII? Of course not. But this is a serious viewpoint that promotes disinterested reflection and critical thinking regarding that virus of nationalism which has infected our body politic since 1945.

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(Hummel is best known for his outstanding Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men: A History of the American Civil War, 2nd Editionthe definitive one volume history of the War Against Southern Independence.


8:49 pm on November 13, 2019