How One Mother Mostly Fixed Her Son’s “ADHD”

Shannon Boller’s five-year-old son Dylan started falling into a deep zombie-like daze that greatly concerned her.  What could be wrong?  Shannon took Dylan to the family doctor who diagnosed the boy with ADHD and prescribed medication.  But the medication didn’t work consistently enough to be useful and made it difficult for Dylan to sleep at night, plus Shannon felt guilty for drugging her child every day.  There had to be another answer.

Four months ago Shannon started eradicating every bit of processed food that she could in her family’s diet.  The results?  According to Shannon, “a big change.”

Who doesn’t like this as well as the Purdue study that found far more ADHD-linked dyes in processed food than previously thought?  The Grocery Manufacturers Association, for one.  What a surprise.

“Obviously, [dyes in processed food] can’t be the only factor causing ADD because everyone in the country would have that if that were the cause or the factor, so we know it can’t only be that,” said Dr. Tim Snyder, a pediatrician with St. Elizabeth Health in West Lafayette.

The good doc seems to assume that everyone eats processed foods.  While it might seem like everyone does eat processed foods these days, why not conduct a study to find the difference in ADHD (and so many other problems) between households that consume processed foods and the growing numbers of households drastically cutting down or no longer consuming them?

Sure, there’s more to the story than processed-food dyes, but how many parents are treating the pathologies of a round-the-clock junk-food diet with Ritalin?  Maybe hundreds of thousands to even millions.

It’s interesting how this story (with accompanying video below) comes from WLFI, a local station in West Lafayette, Indiana. No doubt a story like this would be tossed out with laughter at national NBC Nightly News, where chief medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman, M.D., rules the roost. Recall that it was Dr. Nancy who was all in favor of 9-year-old Texas schoolgirls being dragged kicking and screaming to clinics to be forcibly injected with Gardasil under an executive order signed by Texas Republican governor, Rick “Merck” Perry.


5:17 pm on June 21, 2014