How Desperate Are They?

Has the statist gun-control lobby become so desperate in its efforts to disarm Americans that the best it can do is to drag out CNN’s Piers Morgan to babble his vacuous commentary?  For him to continue asking Second Amendment defenders why they think that the American government could ever become tyrannical is astounding.  Since 9/11, two presidents have asserted powers to do what the Constitution either prohibits, or confines to the authority of Congress.  On at least two separate occasions, George W. Bush declared his desire to be a dictator, and independently undertook wars against any nations of his choosing. People were tortured, imprisoned without trial, subjected to an ever-increasing surveillance of their lives and homes, and groped at airports. The current president continues and expands upon these same practices, and has added to them the assertion of his authority to order the killing of anyone of his choosing.

Perhaps this boob gathers the totality of his understanding of events in the world from watching CNN.  If so, he would be advised to watch what is, in my opinion, the best news reporting on television: Russia Today (RT channel).  Morgan brings to memory the many Germans who, in the late 1930s, could not believe that their government was a danger to the lives and liberty of the German people, a mindset that Milton Mayer explored – following World War II – in his powerful book They Thought They Were Free.


9:29 pm on January 12, 2013