How Charles Darwin Created World War II

Watch this documentary which analyzes the growth of modern geology and biology in relation to the Darwinian Revolution in evolutionary science and how these theories were twisted, perverted, or distorted in three decisive ways:

(1) “Survival of the Fittest” Race – leading from Ernst Haeckel to Heinrich Himmler to Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust in Germany;

(2) “Survival of the Fittest” Individual leading to Social Darwinists William Graham Sumner in the U.S. and Herbert Spencer in the UK and their prescriptions for laissez-faire capitalism and opposition to the emerging welfare state; and finally,

(3) “Survival of the Fittest” Class – leading from Karl Marx to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and Marxist-Leninist Socialism in the Soviet Union.

All three of these distortions of Darwin clashed in a minor little conflict called World War II (as well as the Cold War which followed).


9:50 am on July 28, 2020