Hostilities on the Homefront

As the war of mandatory masks rages, LRC’s readers continue reporting victories over the enemy.

From near Augusta, Georgia, Joel tallies 

the results from the past 2 days of shopping … The situation is not too disagreeable here so far but almost everybody is wearing a mask. Kohls was the only notorious offender.

Publix – sign up saying you need to wear a mask. But no enforcement, no hassles while shopping unmasked. I believe there was at least one other adult (besides my wife and me) shopping without a mask.

Kroger – no sign up saying you need to wear a mask. No hassles. At least one other adult not wearing a mask.

Kohls – sign up saying you need to wear a mask. Mask gestapo set up near the entrance. Brief hassle. Confronted upon arrival for not wearing a mask but ultimately allowed to shop without a mask. Everybody else was masked.

Belk – no sign up saying you need to wear a mask. No hassles. Everybody else was masked.

Old Navy – Didn’t see a sign but also didn’t look for one. Shopped without a mask. No hassles. Everybody else was masked.

The good news: the “mandates” aren’t. The bad news: serfs nonetheless reflexively obey. Why?????

Will Taylor 

 just got back from Walmart, which is one of two grocery stores in Pell City, AL 

Which Will elsewhere called “Ivey’s reich”—uncomfortably close to the truth.

(the other being Publix), and I, like any respectable Southerner, refuse to conform to this authoritarian nonsense. 

One of the many reasons I love Dixie!

I was slightly harassed by an older man working at the door who asked me if I had my mask. I responded, “I don’t own one”. He said, “The law requires you wear one”, to which I replied, “It’s not a law”. He said Wal-Mart required me to wear one and I said “I googled it about an hour ago. Wal-Mart says they won’t turn away people who refuse to wear masks.” He said “Have a good day” and waved me inside.

This war so far requires that we arm ourselves with knowledge, as Lt. Taylor here did. The better we succeed at this duty, the less likely bullets will become the ammunition of choice.

I did this, of course, while wearing my Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt which reads “ARRIVE. RAISE HELL. LEAVE.” and with my 9mm on my hip. 

I know you wondered about Lt. Taylor’s rapid advance in rank: here’s another example of why.

Sadly, I was the only normal person in the entire store but no one said a thing to me or gave me the stink eye, so far as I know, while I was there.

All we have to do is just say no.

YES! For such astute analysis, we’re promoting this lieutenant to captain.

Ms. Anonymous in Michigan

went to Walmart today without a mask. The “Health Ambassador” at the door asked me if I had a mask to put on. I politely told him that I don’t wear masks and that he might want to consider putting his own mask on since it was hanging down off his face by one ear loop!

Pretty pathetic when we must instruct the enemy on his own nonsense.

Ryan M. in Atlanta, Georgia, has 

discovered a great strategy for dealing with masks in stores. Simply call ahead and speak to someone in the store, preferably in the department you wish to shop in. Ask them “I have a medical/religious reason to not wear a mask. Can I still go, or maybe you can bring it to me for curbside pickup?” They are highly likely to say you can just come in. When you arrive, if someone approaches you about masks, just say “It’s ok, I called ahead regarding my condition.”

On the other hand, I called ahead to a bike-repair shop. The proprietress ordered me to wear a mask when I dropped off my bike; I declined, so she said she’d meet me outside. That was fine for my purposes—but if it isn’t for yours (were I shopping for produce, for instance, I’d want to select my own onions, peaches and green beans, thank you very much), you may wish to show up and take your chances.

Ryan also advises:

Wear sunglasses. People are less likely to say anything to you if you do. 

Or they might ask for your autograph.

Mr. Anonymous from Minnesota confesses:

I wore a mask to Costco once and Menards once. I bristled the entire time at both places and my conscience bothered me so much that I haven’t been back and I haven’t worn a mask in any store since. Now that King Walz has sent out his mask decree, I decided that I will never wear a mask. I have been to many stores (no big box yet) testing their resolve and so far I only had one person give me the slightest comment because she said the state would fine her if I didn’t wear a mask in the store.

As each day has gone by since the decree came down, I notice more and more customers and many employees either wearing no mask, or wearing it around their neck. Sometimes on their chin. At the gas station this morning while getting coffee no employees in the store had masks and only about half the customers did. I stopped at my favorite Mexican restaurant for take out on the way home and they had none of the “required” signs and not one person wearing a mask.

It would appear that at least in our neck of the woods, a large percentage of people are not taking it seriously. A big middle finger to Governor Walz.

Meanwhile, Mr. A. hasn’t

been to church since they decided to partner with the State. It’s disgusting.

That’s one word for it. “Blasphemous” and “sinful” are others.

He adds, 

This morning at the gas station I stop at on the way to work they had a new sign on the door. 

Attention Customers

Those in our lovely government have ordered all persons entering indoor facilities to wear a mask. 

If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, you are exempt from this order.

Due to HIPAA and the 4th Amendment we cannot legally ask you about your medical condition. 

Therefore, if we see you without a mask we will assume you have a medical condition and we will welcome you inside to support our business. 

Another kick in the groin to King Walz! Hahahaha. 

This sign has popped up on a number of businesses—the more, the merrier!

Mr. Anonymous’ brother has

never worn a mask since these insane and shifting requirements have begun here in California.  My waiver has always been for a medical exemption due to breathing problems.  I travel some and have been in various markets, restaurants, home improvement stores, drug stores, variety shops, gyms etc.  I have never been questioned further after informing the greeter with the masks of my exemption – if there is a greeter.  I must respectfully disagree with those who think the better strategy is to do otherwise.

Claiming breathing problems is not lying.  Masks cause breathing problems for everyone.  And that is a definite medical issue that can only be corrected by removing the mask. Store greeters do not have a problem with it, and do not care to question further.  If however you enter a store without giving a reason to a greeter to be mask-less you are a possible mark for law enforcement, and it plays into the state’s hand.  While you are in the store unawares the greeter can call management, management can call the police, and if the police arrive they usually would like nothing better than to put you in cuffs and haul you away.  What you have gained is nothing, and the state has another “perp” to milk for resources. 

N.B.: I have heard of only a few arrests for not wearing a mask, such as this one in New York City. Such low numbers are probably due to Leviathan’s realization that these “executive orders” are illegal and unenforceable; I doubt the beast will press his luck and prosecute serfs for naked faces.

On the other hand the state is in a quandary if they try to dispute your medical exemption claim.  The state uses breathalyzers to confront suspected drunk drivers.  Would they allow a person to keep his or her mask on while breathing into their coveted crime device?  No, because it restricts breathing.  And there are many other ways to prove that masks restrict breathing.  But you can rest assured the state will never go there because they know they would never win in front of a jury, or on appeal.  Which means that the state is bluffing their way through this entire sorry episode we are in.  


However, as more people realize that the medical loophole exists the fewer masks we may see out in public, and the state’s decrees will not be worth the paper they are printed on.  Let’s hope by Halloween the only masks we see are those worn for that day. 

YES!!!!! With that attitude, Mr. A’s brother will be scaling our ranks PDQ as well.

Eric Morris in Indiana writes,

Just saying “health condition” at the front door keeps me from having to wear a mask at Costco and the library.  A lady even tracked me down at Costco to find out my “secret” formula to get in like a normal human (maskless).  To the credit of Kroger and Aldi, they don’t waste money with a mask enforcer so no need to tell anyone a good lie.

Mark Carroll in Arizona relates, 

A couple of my friends basically dared me to go to Walmart (or Walmark, as the hicks say) since their recent requirement that you must wear masks in all of their stores. They were convinced I wouldn’t be able to get away with not wearing one.

So, a couple of days ago, I went to Walmart in the middle of the afternoon. As I approached the person that makes sure you are wearing a mask, she asked me, “Do you have a mask?” I said no, and before she could say anything else, I said, “I have a medical condition (which is true – actually more than one) and it’s my understanding that your company policy is that if I have a religious issue or a medical condition, that I can shop here without a mask.”

She started laughing. A pretty hearty laugh, not just a smile (which I wouldn’t have been able to see well, anyway) or a chuckle, but a big laugh. I didn’t ask why, but I wish I would have – looking back on it, I think she thought I was lying and just trying to get away with not wearing a mask.

Then she said, “Yeah, we’re not allowed to say anything,” and waved me on. I gave her a thumbs up, and did my shopping. I didn’t see another customer without a mask, but what surprised me was that I didn’t get a single dirty look or comment from other customers or employees as I shopped.

Bottom line is you could try the religious exemption or the medical exemption when you got to Walmart (and other places). And since they are acting as agents of the state and not a private business with their rule about wearing masks (they have signs up saying the requirement is because of state and local regulations), it’s ok to stretch the truth. Even if your doctor hasn’t said a word to you, I don’t believe it’s a lie to say “My doctor doesn’t want me wearing anything that restricts my breathing” – if you even have to say anything. I can’t believe any doctor would argue with that.

Mark also forwarded a comment from a friend in Colorado:

I was in Walmart again today with no mask.  I just walked past the people sitting there to offer masks.  I saw a mom and her probably about 12 year old daughter without masks as well.  I go to grocery stores with out them, too.

We conclude with Mr. Anonymous’ cousin in North Carolina:

Starbucks “battle” is most definitely heating up.  Was told I was crazy, and the cops would be called, after being informed by their corporate office and district manager I would be served.  Went to another location, just said “exempt” and there were no problems.   It was literally something out of the walking dead tho, multiple customers, baristas, goading me to “just put on the mask,” in order to make a purchase.  Make no mistake tho, this wasn’t about the mask.  It was a “soy boy” finally given a vehicle to exert “power.”  Anyways, I have contacted their regional manager now, we’ll see where it leads.  And yes, I could just not go to Starbucks, and I suggest others don’t, but I’m a bit of a masochist when it comes to mask diktats.

Despite the few very negative interactions I’ve had, I’ve also noticed a few more smiling faces here in the land of 99% compliance.  Twice now I’ve looked up in the checkout line and seen two mask-less people ahead of me.

The next day, he filed this addendum:

What a difference 24 hours can make.  From being accosted and threatened with police action by a “barista” for not having proper facial dressing, to tonight’s interaction….

Was walking into the grocery store, muzzle free, of course.  A friendly couple was about to attach their muzzles when they asked “are you not wearing one”……my response, “no, I’m not, I never have.”  The woman proceeded to say “good for you, seriously, good for you…… I’m a doctor and this is all bull$?@!.”  

I said, I agree, “been saying that since day one.”  Anyways, we all proceeded to shop without muzzles, and she continued on how masks “were not designed for this, and did not work, and how Fauci was a liar.”  It was definitely a nice change of pace in the land of 99% compliance.  

Our job over the next couple of weeks is to sink that compliance down…further down…and even further down, until it’s lower than the Masked Morons’ IQ.


4:52 pm on July 31, 2020