Hoppe, Korea, Molinari, and Private Defense

Hans Hoppe‘s wonderful new book, The Myth of National Defense: Essays on the Theory and History of Security Production (PDF), has just been published. It’s must-reading.

Many of the papers were produced for and presented at the Twenty-Second Internatonal Conference on the Unity of Sciences, on the Military and Police–Public or Private? committee, in Seoul, Korea, February 2000. H3 chaired the panel and brought a Austro-anarchists with him — Block, Hummell, Stromberg, Huelsmann, and others. He let me tag along but I was too lazy to finish up my paper for inclusion in the book … but it’s still great, probably the better for it! 🙂

H3 dedicates the book to Gustave de Molinari. Roderick Long maintains the Molinari Institute website, which has, in its online library, a translation of Molinari’s seminal 1849 article The Production of Security, along with other interesting works. Check it out.


10:46 am on October 24, 2003