Hollywood Commies: The Backstory

The Red Decade: The Stalinist Penetration of America — Book by Eugene Lyons

Hollywood Commies — Amazon book/DVD list

Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream — Documentary

An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood — Book by Neal Gabler

CNN Cold War: Reds 1948-1953 — Documentary

Cold War Movies — Amazon DVD list

Hollywood’s Missing Movies Why American films have ignored life under communism — Kenneth Lloyd Billingsley article

Dalton Trumbo and the Hollywood Blacklist — Jacob G. Hornberger article

Reds and Radicals in Hollywood — Jack R. Fischel article

When Bogie and Bacall Were Duped by Hollywood Communists — Paul Kengor article

Hollywood’s Red Decade — J.R. Dunn article

Remembering When Hollywood Was Radical –Paula Rabinowitz article

Paul Robeson: Here I Stand — Documentary

To You Beloved Comrade — Paul Robeson on the death of Josef Stalin

Monster: A Portrait of Stalin in Blood: Mind Control — Documentary.

Monster: A Portrait of Stalin in Blood: Secret Police — Documentary

Monster: A Portrait of Stalin in Blood: War — Documentary

Monster: Portrait of Stalin in Blood: Joseph Stalin In Private — Documentary

Joseph Stalin – Man of Steel — Documentary

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich — Novel by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich — Feature Film

The Soviet Story – Documentary

The Cold War: Soviet Communism’s Murderous Legacy — Amazon book list

Why the Futile Crusade — Leonard Liggio article

The Roots of American Communism — Book by Theodore Draper

Dr. John Earl Haynes on Communism, Espionage, and Subversion

The Secret World of American Communism — Book by Harvey Klehr, John Earl Haynes, and Fridrikh Igorevich Firsov

In Denial: Historians,Communism & Espionage — Book by John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr

Seeing Reds– Justin Raimondo article

The CIA Versus Joe McCarthy — Charles Burris article

Historian Arthur Herman, author of Joseph McCarthy: Reexamining the Life and Legacy of America’s Most Hated Senator, on the legacy of Joseph McCarthy and the anti-communist movement

John Earl Haynes Exchange with Arthur Herman and Venona book talk

The Truth About McCarthyism: Modern Parallels — Stefan Molyneux presentation

Senator Joseph McCarthy — Amazon book list


McCarthyism and the Second Red Scare — Landon R. Y. Storrs article

Rethinking the Historiography of United States Communism– Bryan D. Palmer

“VENONA and Cold War Historiography in the Academic World” –Harvey Klehr, 2005 NSA Cryptologic History Symposium

Top Secret Umbra — Venona

The Venona Story


Venona: Soviet Espionage and the American Response, 1939-1957

Introduction, Alexander Vassiliev’s Notebooks: Provenance and Documentation of Soviet Intelligence Activities in the United States

JOURNALISTIC TREACHERY: A new report’s chilling findings on the extent of Soviet spies in the American press — Matthew Vadum article

Guide to Soviet and Russian Intelligence Services — Robert W. Pringle article

Espionage, Treason, and the Cambridge Five — Amazon book list

The OSS, CIA, and the “Special Relationship — Amazon book list

Of Moles and Molehunters — Cleveland C. Cram article

Who Killed James Forrestal? — David Martin (DC Dave) article

The James Angleton Phenomenon — David Robarge article

The Diabolic Confession of James Jesus Angelton — Charles Burris article


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