Historian Brion McClanahan — What is a Yankee?

Brion Mclanaham voices one of his best and most clarifying podcasts on that distinct ethnocultural, ethnoreligious ideological mindset that has been the bane of America’s civic society ever since their arrival on these shores in 1630. He points out that they are still very much with us, still pernicious, invasive, intolerant, and meddlesome.

The Puritan Family: Essays on Religion and Domestic Relations in Seventeenth-Century New England — Edmund S. Morgan

Those People, Part 1 — Clyde Wilson

Those People, Part 2 — Clyde Wilson

The Yankee Problem in America — Clyde Wilson

The Puritanical Termites of Progressivism — Charles Burris



4:19 pm on February 3, 2022