“He’s Nobody’s Toady”

And the Washington establishment has been trying to destroy him since the George H.W. Bush administration.  I speak of Judge Roy Moore, who is running for the U.S. Senate from Alabama.  The GOP is spending millions to defeat him, and Trump gave an hour-and-a-half speech in Huntsville last night in support of Judge Moore’s opponent, a neocon lobbyist hack named Luther Strange (Honest, I’m not making that up).  This as much as anything establishes Donald Trump as just another step-and-fetch-it puppet of the D.C. establishment.

McConnell is funneling millions to the hack’s campaign, and fellow neocons Spence and Ryan are chirping his praises.  Chuck Baldwin explains why the establishment is so apoplectic about this one man and the terrifying (to them) precedent his election could create.


8:40 am on September 23, 2017