Heather Mac Donald on New York Times Privileged Bigot Sarah Jeong

Another bot programmed by the multi-million dollar university “diversity” bureaucrazies funded directly and indirectly by tax dollars, says Heather.

The “F— the police” tweets are the most interesting aspect of the Sarah Jeong story. (The one trashing white women is also discordant, as the ruling-class divide et impera usually wants to maximize the number of sisters attacking The Patriarchy and not unnecessarily alienate a potentially useful group.)

The progressive establishment, while generally suspicious of police, does think they have a role in keeping the hoi polloi deplorables in line.  Thus shows like LivePD, which exist to sell the public (especially the black community), on the idea that state policing–regardless of its “rare” mistakes–is your frequently misunderstood but reliable friend.  However, it seems that Donald Trump has pushed the progs so far over the edge that they’ve overstepped again.  Embracing Jeong, like defending Bill Clinton, is a huge long-run tactical mistake.


5:07 pm on August 17, 2018