He May Be Shoeless, But He’s Not Homeless

It turns out our tear-at-the-heartstrings tale of the shoeless NYC “homeless” man who was temporarily (his choice) shod actually has an apartment paid for by the taxpayers.

“The barefoot homeless man who received new shoes from a kindhearted NYPD cop isn’t actually homeless — and has a sad history of refusing help from loved ones and the government.” [Perhaps he believes in “God helps those who help themselves.” Yeah, right. Also, if he is receiving Section 8 rent vouchers, then he is receiving help from the government.]

If you recall the original story, the man did not ask the thug (i.e., cop) for shoes and socks. Perhaps the thug should have spent his professional time—that we are forced to pay him through robbery (i.e., taxes)—protecting us from criminals rather than playing Mother Therese.

[Thanks to E. Joseph Majewski]


4:49 pm on December 4, 2012