Gwartney and Stroup

From: diego

Subject: Could G&S be scared of sales loss and death threats?


Could G&S be too “scared” to respond?  Loss of book sales and death threats from the college crowd would seem to be a likely outcome if they standup and fulfill their scholarly duties in this age. I’m guessing things have gotten even worse since Hoppe’s issues with the Keynes/gay situation in Nevada. Now that the media, DNC, and college professors are allowing rioting and looting, who knows what Marxist guerilla tactics will be used by the college students in the coming years against thought crimes.

Dear Diego:

That’s a plausible explanation for their behavior. However, if that were true, they could have just told me of their fears, asked me to lay off, and I certainly would have. But, this episode occurred in 2008, 12 years ago. The universities were less woke then. Also, this is a technical matter in statistics, not a political issue: how do you correctly interpret the error term. I can’t imagine that most modern students who major in black, queer and feminist studies have even heard of the error term in statistics, much less have any opinion on it (except that it is part and parcel of racism, sexism, homophobia).

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2:07 am on July 28, 2020