• Guilford’s Palestinian Reichstag Fire

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    The situation at Guilford College is NOT what you have described it. The so-called Palestinian attack is falling apart even as I write. This was not a situation in which a bunch of students suddenly attacked these students for political reasons. K.C. Johnson already has posted the latest on that incident on his Durham-in-Wonderland blog. By the way, the Palestinians actually started the fight, and one of them was suspended last year for attacking and injuring a Jewish student.
    Also, John Hood has commented on this case:

    Guilford is a left-wing school that already has had one major Reichstag Fire several years ago, something to which I alluded in my “Reichstag Fires on Campus” article in Mises.org a while back, and in my piece “Duke’s Reichstag Fire.”

    While all of us are concerned about with what the U.S. Government has done in the Middle East, I think we have to watch falling for every college campus hoax and looking to demonize people who likely have not done what has been claimed. Leftist college faculty members and students are notorious for the rush to judgment in these so-called “hate crime” incidents that almost always turn out to be contrived. The more the Guilford case has been investigated, the more it has turned out to be a hoax, or at least an incident that is NOT what the enablers first claimed it to be.


    7:26 am on February 4, 2007
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