Green New Deal Is Unworkable

Sure, it could take $93 trillion to make the Green New Deal happen. But the thing can’t work. It can’t be made to happen. Even Americans, known for their ingenuity and loyalty, can’t make it work. We’d see 1,000 page laws being passed every week as Congress tried to make the impossible work.

This thing is unworkable. The minute that it’s tried, with laws passed, serious laws, we’d see the end of the amber waves of grain. Stocks would collapse. Tax collections would collapse. Panic would occur. People would clean out the stores in nothing flat. Survivalists would all say “We told you so.” Civil war would break out. If this didn’t happen right away, it would happen before long.

The shock of these laws would be huge. It would drive people to extremes we can hardly imagine. The government would have to bring out the big guns to control people, although it could not count on the loyalty of its forces.

Governments that make big shifts to socialism always kill lots of people, send them to concentration camps and use resisters as slave labor. The U.S. would be no different.

Whoever voted for it would need bodyguards 24 hours a day. Otherwise they’d be hunted down and murdered.

This thing is serious, serious business. The scheme is idiotic. Making it into law would cause grave results. The idiots who are for this have no idea that such a draconian set of laws greatly shifts the psychology of those being brought to heel.


3:52 pm on February 26, 2019

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