Good Time Charlie Sings The Blues

Charlie Rangel has been found guilty of eleven ethics violations.

Democrats had better do the right thing and expel him while they can. If they don’t, Rangel will be the Republican whipping boy for the next two years – of course, he deserves to be, but there are a few hundred more who qualify as well.

The Republican majority next year would never expel him, of course, not because they’d be called “racist” (altho they would be – Al Sharpton, call your office!), but because they want him around as the poster boy for Democrat old boy corruption (that unreported income from the villa in the Caribbean has a special sizzle in direct mail fundraising appeals).

Of course, he could quit – before the full committee votes their suggested punishment. He could do a “Dick Nixon” from 1962: “Now you won’t have Charlie Rangel to kick around any more!”


11:20 am on November 16, 2010