Glenn Greenwald on the Toxic U.S.-Saudi Alliance and Crooked Washington Post

Opening statement:
The Saudis have been murdering journalists, murdering dissents for decades. They’ve been doing it at a heightened rate for the last two years…The Obama administration was arming the Saudis in order to create the worst
humanitarian crisis in Yemen by slaughtering civilians by the thousands and imposing famine conditions on millions. The Trump administration has done the same.

The reason people in Washington suddenly decided they’re angry about Saudi Arabia is because this time their victim is somebody who they ran into in Washington restaurants and who was popular in Washington social circles. That’s the reality. They didn’t care at all when the victims of Saudi Arabia by the hundreds of thousands were people that they didn’t like or care (about). This time they killed one of their friends.


3:33 pm on October 21, 2018