Glenn Greenwald: No Matter the Liberal Metric Chosen, the Bush/Cheney Administration Was Far Worse Than Trump

Read this scathing article by the great Glenn Greenwald — No Matter the Liberal Metric Chosen, the Bush/Cheney Administration Was Far Worse Than Trump.

I was up Wednesday morning and saw Trump make a statement on TV then went to bed around 3 AM. I didn’t get up until my grandson called and woke me up because of plumbing problems at their house. Didn’t get around to dealing with my 175 emails until latter in the day. At that time it was much too early to go into detailed reflections about the election, too much still in flux.

I’m sure the election was stolen and it remains how addressing all that will play out. But ultimately because the Democrats do NOT control the US Senate (no hasty ratification of idiot treaties, no Green New Deal, or packing of the Supreme Court) and do NOT control the Supreme Court, gridlock and obstructionism can become dominant if there is not appeasement or acquiescence by weak willed RINO sellouts, such as NeverTrump Bush/Cheney/Romney/Graham/McCain Republicans and murderous neocons who enabled and empowered the aggressive Bush/Cheney regime brilliantly described by Greenwald above. Trump should immediately fire and replace all obstructionists such as heads of the FBI, CIA, etc. and get to immediate prosecution of the people behind Russiagate, BLM (Biden’s Laptop Matters), and antitrust prosecution of Big Tech.

The bully pulpit ideological tone of the next four years if Biden wins will be vastly different in terms of the Culture War, cultural Maoism, and the Gramician “march through the institutions” etc. but we’ll get through it. Resistance must be actively fostered in the state legislatures and cities of the Red States in regards of nullification and interposition. The new meme or mantra must be “think locally, act locally.” It is the cozy alliance of deep state seditious elements of the establishment Democrats and Republicans and their media presstitutes which will prove most dangerous.


1:00 am on November 8, 2020