“Give Me a Break”

John Stossel is a good example of a guy who recognizes the totalitarian impulse of the masses. His Give Me a Break segments not only made a mockery of government oppression, but also, much of his fault-finding was with the people themselves — regular citizens who commence tirades over the details of others’ lives. Be reminded of what happened when Stossel started to focus on government and institutions as being at the root of evil and indoctrination. To quote him:

My colleagues liked it when I offended people. They called my reporting “hard-hitting,” “a public service.” I won 18 Emmys, and lots of other journalism awards. One year I got so many Emmys, another winner thanked me in his acceptance speech “for not having an entry in this category.”

Then I did a terrible thing. Instead of just applying my skepticism to business, I applied it to government and “public interest” groups. This apparently violated a religious tenet of journalism. Suddenly I was no longer “objective.”

Ralph Nader said I “used to be on the cutting edge,” but had become “lazy and dishonest.” According to Brill’s Content, “Nader was a fan during Stossel’s consumer advocate days,” but “now talks about him as if he’d been afflicted with a mysterious disease.”


7:16 am on March 17, 2018