Getting to the Core of Marxist Delusions and Evasions

These two excellent items below go together. You must understand exactly what is going on here in order to truly share this vital information with family, friends and colleagues. Just denouncing Marxism and Marxist regimes and their totalitarian terrorism and murder of over one hundred million persons is not enough. One must take a radical strategic approach and tactic.

“Radical” – of or pertaining to the root; fundamental. No pragmatic expediency or superficial rhetoric. Since 1969 my personal motto has been Henry David Thoreau’s powerful statement – “There a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one striking at the root.” You must strike at the gnostic roots of this satanic atheistic religion masking as a philosophy of liberation and interpretation of “real” (i.e. Marxist) reality.

Never Been Tried? by Spencer A. Klavan

In Volume 2 of his Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn recalls how he and his fellow prisoners would amuse themselves by quizzing Marxist scholars who ended up alongside them in the Soviet labor camps. These professors of the Communist Academy could look directly at the ravages of Stalinist oppression, at the concentration camps in which they themselves were imprisoned, and insist that neither Stalin nor the Party were to blame.

“Look over there: how poverty-stricken our villages are,” Solzhenitsyn would say. “An inheritance from the Tsarist regime,” the true believer would reply. The impoverished countryside was “uncharacteristic”; food shortages and famine were “old wives’ tales”; and if the farmers were starving, well, “have you looked in all their ovens?”

Anyone who has debated a really committed Marxist will recognize this sort of unflappable devotion. “Impenetrability, that was their chief trait!” writes Solzhenitsyn. In the West, of course, entire university departments are devoted to insulating Marxism against the history of its own failure. Confronted with the manifold atrocities of Communist regimes worldwide, the diehard apologist will retort serenely that sabotage, or ideological impurity, or your lying eyes, are really at fault. True Marxism has never been tried.



9:35 am on August 12, 2022