Georgia Libertarians

From: Johnathan Brown

Sent: Saturday, December 05, 2020 5:58 PM


Subject: Re: Open Letter to Libertarians in Georgia

Good afternoon,

I just finished reading your open letter to Georgia libertarians which was posted on the LRC webpage.

Block, Walter E. 2020. “Open Letter to Libertarians in Georgia.” December 5;


I wanted to write you simply to show my support for your position. I am one of the Georgia libertarians who voted for Shane Hazel in November. I agree with you that people like me have a moral responsibility to vote for both the Republican candidates in January. The Dems pose perhaps the greatest threat to our liberties in American history. They openly wish to force us back into lockdown and remake society in their own socialistic image. God forbid that it should happen!

Thank you for all your work to defend liberty!


Johnathan Brown

From: Walter Block <>

Sent: Saturday, December 05, 2020 8:31 PM

To: ‘Johnathan Brown’

Subject: RE: Open Letter to Libertarians in Georgia

Dear Johnathan:

Go get ‘em.

Best regards,



8:27 am on April 18, 2021