“Generating New Revenue Streams”

…from impoverished serfs, no less. Any person of decency and even the flimsiest compassion feels for the myriad victims of the Feds’ failed economics. Contrast your sympathetic reaction with that of cops: they see the same misery and disaster and lament the “downward spiral in … city governments’ revenue streams” that “has occurred for the last five years starting with the housing bubble that burst property tax returns by 40 percent.” Poor little piggies might face the same unemployment their sky-high expenditures have inflicted on taxpayers: “The common reaction to a budget crisis is reducing personnel and cutting services.” And so cops must “generat[e] new revenue streams as a proactive approach to meet the fiscal crisis of today and the uncertain future of tomorrow.” While we bust our butts making the mortgage and feeding the kids, these vile predators scheme not only to “maintain” but “expand police service…” (Emphasis added. And I won’t even comment on the obscene perversion of the word “service”…)

The porcine writer then invents ways to rob us further, including “fine increases by 50 percent,” “resident fee similar to a utility tax,” “public safety fees on all new development in the city” (hey, that oughta accelerate the ol’ “downward spiral”), and “pay-per-call policing.” Perhaps my favorite is “triple driving-under-the-influence fines by the court” since it explodes the excuse that the State’s war on alcohol and drugs has anything to do with safety. Nope, it’s all about the money, as is ever the case with Leviathan’s “protection” rackets.

These unspeakably barbaric thugs see us as nothing more than cash-cows—when they aren’t using us for target-practice. I recommend printing this article, not only published in Police Chief Magazine but written by one such criminal, and handing it to your “cops-are-the-g00d-guys” friends so they can read of the omnivorous, callous greed for themselves. (Thanks to Bill Martin for the link.)


11:25 am on April 9, 2015